Improve sea defences at Shoebury but no new homes on the floodplain

Local residents, concerned by plans to improve the sea wall at Shoebury Common, have contacted this group for assistance. Their fear is that the council will improve the sea wall and then permit the construction of new homes on the floodplain.
With the gradual rise in sea levels (which will accelerate due to climate change) and increasing risk of storms, it is essential that flood defences are improved. However, the construction of new homes at or below sea level would be grossly irresponsible and must be opposed. Residents are advised to study this advice from the Environment Agency: –

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3 Responses to Improve sea defences at Shoebury but no new homes on the floodplain

  1. Peter Lovett says:

    Although we all accept sea levels are rising and the land South of the UK is dropping, we can measure the rises over the last 100 years in Southend (Fact) We know that Shoebury Common has never flooded in its long history. (Fact) We also know that major Towns along the Thames, have suffered more flooding from Storm or Surface Water, than from Coastal flooding (Fact) All the data produced by Southend Council over the preferred option is either manipulated or based solely on predictions (Fact). How can we all sit back & see houses flooding NOW, but still allow the Environment Agency to spend £5.2m on something that may flood in 10, 20 or 30 years time, when they can help people NOW. Land that is called a “Flood Plain” provides what it says on the tin. However, if you were offered £1m to build a house on your local swimming pool, surely you would not even think about it? Southend Council hope you will believe it will have to go through the normal planning procedure & democracy will prevail. Dooooo

  2. A Commoner says:

    Plans for the new Seawall/Embankment scheme can now be seen at:
    Judge for yourselves. See how the new seawall/embankment scheme will destroy a natural floodplain, also a Local Wildlife Site. Is it better to adopt the proposed scheme or one of the alternatives that would have preserved the floodplain? The alternatives have already been dismissed by the Council. Is it better to work with Nature or try to fight against her?
    Comments may be left on the Council Website, or by email to:, or in writing to: Corporate Director for Place, PO Box 5557, Civic Centre, Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea, SS2 6ZF, quoting reference: 14/00298/BC3M.
    The closing date for Comments is 20th March 2014.

  3. Peter Lovett says:

    We have loads of facts to support the lies being told by Southend Councillors in order to push through the new sea wall at Shoebury Common. They have always said that the soil from the Cliffs slippage is “Granular” material, despite all the scientist confirming it was London Clay, spreading from Southend to Reading & upto 150 metres deep in places. We instructed a qualified company to take 5 samples from the store soil at Gunners Park and they all came back as London Clay. The technical report shows it is impervious to water & if laid 4 foot deep on the car park, will destroy the Common & the rare plants which are supposed to be protected. If you want a copy of this independent report, please contact me at
    The developer submitted a Planning Application for 172 houses & 15 Office blocks, but has reduced their original 106 offer from £2.5m to £970,000, leaving the public purse to finance the balance. Well Southend Council will just borrow more.

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