Environment Agency releases airport application documents

After some difficulty, we have been able to obtain the documents relating to Southend Airport’s application to allow up to 360m3 of de-icer to flow into local watercourses each day. Thanks to Tolga Kulahcigil for obtaining these.

We will shortly prepare a response to the environmental application and post it on the SEEFoE website.

The following documents are from the Environment Agency. Contains Environment Agency information © Environment Agency and database right

Download all documents as a zip file or download individual documents:

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One Response to Environment Agency releases airport application documents

  1. Kiti Theobald says:

    It is unthinkable that the Environment Agency would even consider allowing chemicals to be disposed of into the Eastwood Brook or the Prittle Brook. Having read the application and tried hard to understand it, I must object most strongly to any such scheme being allowed to go ahead.
    Before Eastwood Brook meets the airport, its water quality must be really good at present. Small factories along the Eastwood Brook at Progress Road were not allowed to discharge waste into the brook, and as a result we now have a variety of wild life in the brook. I myself have seen mallard, moorhen, little egret and a variety of small fish as well as a host of insects including pondskaters in a small section of the brook half a mile before the airport boundary. It is good to think that there is little or no pollution at this spot.
    Just after the closure of Footpath 36, my husband noted a milky substance that had been poured into the brook behind St Laurence Church and next to the airport, appearing to come from within the airport boundary. This was reported and acted upon. With the imminent permanent closure of the footpath, there is no telling what may be discharged unnoticed into a healthy stream. The brook itself, as you will know, discharges into the River and any pollution will be carried out into the Roach, upsetting the ecology there. It is no good telling us that one chemical can be countered with another. It will upset the natural order of things and should not be allowed under any circumstances.
    When the airport applied t extend the runway, we were assured that all polluting substances would be carted away by truck to be treated elsewhere – this has not happened. Later the airport applied for planning permission for a ‘lagoon’ to be built to deal with run-off and de-icer. This application was withdrawn. The airport likes to think of itself a good neighbour, but good neighbours do not dump their rubbish on another neighbour’s doorstep.

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